1. What shot records do you require? 

         We require the DHLP (distemper), Rabies and Kennel cough (boderatella) vaccines. We ask that you please receive these vaccinations at least 10 days prior to boarding your dog with us. 

        For cats we just need proof of rabies.

2.  How much do you charge? 

       Our pricing goes by the age, size, and number of pets you bring in. Dogs under 30 pounds are charged $36 a day and dogs over 30 pounds are charged $42 a day. Dogs who are more than 10 years old will also be charged an additional $9 a day. Bringing in a second dog will give you $5 off. Cats and rabbits are $24 a day. For all med/supplements given there is an additional $8 fee per pill. If you want your dog to have additional play time in our larger yards we offer playtime for an additional $10 a day. 

      You are charged for the day you drop off whether be the morning or the afternoon. If you pick up your pet in the morning you are not charged that day but if you pick up in the afternoon you will be charged that day (similar to a hotel). On Sundays only, morning pick ups are charged as a half day. 

3. What are your pick up and drop off hours? 

           You can come in to pick up and drop your dog off Monday to Sunday from 8am to 10am and then again from 4pm to 6pm. Holiday hours are treated just like Sundays. Major Holidays such as Christmas, New Years, and the Fourth of July we will be closed. 

4. Where are we located?

         You can find us right on route 6 between Carmel and Mahopac, right across from the West Branch reservoir. If using your GPS our address is 1395 Route 6, Carmel NY. We have a sign right at the bottom of the driveway so you can't miss us!

5. Do you have heat or air conditioning?

        Yes our facilities are completely heated and air conditioned. We want to make sure your pets are comfortable during the summer months and warm during the winter months 

6. What do you provide?

       When you come in all you have to bring is your dog and his shot records, we provide the rest. We have chicken and salmon based Purina Proplan products that you can choose from. We provide every dog with a platform, bedding and water buckets. However you are welcome to bring your own food, bedding, and toys if you think it will make them more comfortable.

7. Where will my dog be staying?

      We have dogs suites that measures 16 ft by 6 ft (twice as big as most places) where they will have enough room to walk around. We make sure that the suites stay clean throughout your dog's stay with us, cleaning up any stray food bits, hair or other messes. 

8. Do they go outside? 

      Yes, we take our dogs out four times a day. How long they stay out depends on the weather. Larger dogs and "Play times" are taken to bigger yards where they can run around and get out any energy. Smaller dogs are taken into one of our 10 covered runs which are 4 ft by 15 ft. In case of extreme weather, all dogs go in covered runs.  

9. Will my dog be with other dogs? 

      No, we do not allow our dogs to mix in order to prevent fighting and someone getting hurt. If you come in with two dogs they will be kept together both outside and inside unless otherwise stated.

10. How can we contact you?

        You can call us at (845)-225-2463 f you have any further questions or you can call Clifford Steele directly, owner and groomer, at (845)-661-0010

11. Can I stop by and see the suites?

      Yes, you can stop by at any time from 8am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm and we will be more than happy to show you around and answer any additional questions you may have.